First case of monkey pox detected

This announcement follows the detection in several European and North American countries of cases of this disease usually endemic in West Africa. He is a 30-year-old man who recently returned from Western Europe, a spokesman for Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv told AFP. On Friday, the Ministry of Health indicated that this man, whose symptoms … Read more

in France, symptoms, how is it caught?

MONKEYPOX. After England, Canada, Spain, Portugal, the United States, France announces a case of monkey pox also called “Monkeypox”. This disease can be transmitted to humans by rodents or monkeys. What’s this ? What symptoms? Treatments? Is it dangerous? Contagious ? We take stock. Summary [Mise à jour le 21 mai 2022 à 20h21] The … Read more

The 10 oldest dog breeds in the world

Archaeological and historical evidence has shown that dogs have cohabited with humans since the dawn of time. And while new breeds of dogs continue to appear in modern civilizations, there are also many breeds inherited from the past. Some of these breeds are over 6,000 years old, and some are so old that it’s hard … Read more

IN PICTURES – In Bléré, “mad love” between the dogs and the gendarmes of the canine investigation group

At the Bléré gendarmerie, the kennel and dog facilities are part of the premises, like the rooms of the two-legged soldiers. Ibiza, Tyson and Rocky, the three dogs of the canine investigation group, are pampered by the dog masters who are particularly attentive to their education. Each policeman in the group has his canine partner, … Read more

With local associations, Strasbourg is launching a major campaign to sterilize stray cats

For the very first time in Strasbourg, the City has decided to get involved in the fight against the proliferation of stray cats. Year after year, associations are increasingly overwhelmed by the phenomenon, despite the daily investment of volunteers in the field. An agreement has therefore just been signed between the municipality, the local associations … Read more

Why do dogs lick their masters?

When dogs lick their masters or other dogs, it is an instinctive behavior specific to their evolution, as explained in an article published on the specialized site Perito Animal. Licking is therefore an attitude that aims to strengthen the affective and emotional bond between beings belonging to the same social group or pack. Discover the … Read more

This animal lover offers nearly 70 wheelchairs for disabled dogs and cats

© Walkin’ Pets by A retired policeman, John Cox now devotes all his energy to his charitable project. This is an association through which he helps dogs, cats and other animals with various disabilities. Dozens of them were able to receive carts and regain their freedom of movement thanks to his initiative. ” Our … Read more

we explain to you why vaccination is not the most obvious solution to this disease

A development that challenges the health authorities. Cases of monkeypox infection are likely to accelerate on the Old Continent, warned the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe on Friday May 20. “To date, at least eight countries – Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, UK and Sweden – have reported cases”noted Hans … Read more