Mutuals: Sophie Létang leaves Intériale

Sophie Létang was Director of Transformation, CSR and Human Capital at Interiore between 2020 and 2022. According to our information, Sophie Létang, director of transformation, CSR and human capital at Intériale, will leave the mutual on April 18. RESERVED CONTENT … WAIT ! DO NOT GO ! YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE ACCESS… This content is … Read more

Cooking shows make you fat

Top chef, The Best Pastry Chef, An almost perfect dinner Where MasterChef… Those cooking shows are finding more and more followers. However, a scientific study, published in the journal Appetitehas shown that this type of program could facilitate the weight gain. Cooking shows make you fat For this research, American scientists observed 500 women, aged … Read more

Qard unveils its API and strategically repositions itself

The company puts its expertise and know-how around credit risk at the service of banking and finance professionals. Qard was launched in 2018 by Azzeddine Chaibrassou, CEO, and Vincent Peguillet, CTO. After offering financing to e-merchants, the two leaders now offer their data collection tools to Fintechs, debt funds, banks and other financing players. Qard … Read more