An elected official sentenced for sex with his dogs

PostedMay 19, 2022, 1:39 p.m. A city councilor had a particular way of allowing himself to be loved by his animals. The court sentenced him to an 18-month suspended prison sentence and stripped him of his companions. The 40-year-old loves hunting and owns 21 dogs. The facts concern two of them (photo pretext). Getty Images/iStockphoto … Read more

Business for two is better!

With him, confidence is acquired, I know him from the cradle. Born into a family of ten children, Mourad Benamer and his older brother, Yahia, have turned their childhood games into successful partnerships. First in 1999, with Nouvelle Fraîcheur, a sandwich distribution network on campuses. Then in 2006, by launching their first sushi restaurant, Eat … Read more

Hyperattachment in dogs: what is it?

The dog’s hyperattachment to its master is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation with behavioral veterinarians. This is a serious problem which must be taken care of as soon as possible because the dog which suffers from what is also called theseparation anxiety is unhappy and that his master can live a real … Read more

Two dogs and two cats to adopt this week with the SPA de l’Eure

Each week, discover four residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves in an attempt to find a new family. Isis, a refugee in lack of landmarks “Psst, you! Yes, you, who are a fervent defender of the animal cause. You were looking for me, weren’t you? … Read more

Major Reports of May 21, 2022 – The business of regional products

Images: François Chambe, Marine Dejean de la Batie, Lucas Robin, Marie-Laure Gautier, Adèle Prugnaud, Pierre-Jean PerrinSense of belonging, territorial attachment: 8 out of 10 French people say they are proud of their region, whether born or adoption. Cultural heritage, gastronomy, landscapes, mentality: so many characteristics that create a history and a collective identity. For some, … Read more

a resident takes matters into her own hands

It has been two years since Véronique Agudelo, a resident of the town of Hières-sur-Amby, has seen the population of stray cats in her village explode. “I realized the problem when I put kibble for my cat in my garden. A lot of wild cats came to eat it, ”begins the Hiéroise. Based on this … Read more