A wallaby lost in the Rhône

A motorist had a funny encounter overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday around 1 a.m. On the road to Sain-Bel, in Saint-Pierre-la-Palud, he found himself face to face with a wallaby. It’s no longer worth going to the other side of the world to come across a wallaby in the wild… In the Rhône too, it’s … Read more

The state removes the polecat from the list of “pests”

Adorable and yet unloved, the polecat has finally been removed from the list of so-called “harmful” species. A decision endorsed by a decree published in the Official Journal on May 14. For animal rights defenders, this is a well-deserved victory after years of mobilization. Photo: Shutterstock In 2019, Pierre Rigaux defended the polecat, a species … Read more