With local associations, Strasbourg is launching a major campaign to sterilize stray cats

For the very first time in Strasbourg, the City has decided to get involved in the fight against the proliferation of stray cats. Year after year, associations are increasingly overwhelmed by the phenomenon, despite the daily investment of volunteers in the field. An agreement has therefore just been signed between the municipality, the local associations … Read more

This animal lover offers nearly 70 wheelchairs for disabled dogs and cats

© Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com/Facebook A retired policeman, John Cox now devotes all his energy to his charitable project. This is an association through which he helps dogs, cats and other animals with various disabilities. Dozens of them were able to receive carts and regain their freedom of movement thanks to his initiative. ” Our … Read more

Two dogs and two cats to adopt this week with the SPA de l’Eure

Each week, discover four residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves in an attempt to find a new family. Isis, a refugee in lack of landmarks “Psst, you! Yes, you, who are a fervent defender of the animal cause. You were looking for me, weren’t you? … Read more

a resident takes matters into her own hands

It has been two years since Véronique Agudelo, a resident of the town of Hières-sur-Amby, has seen the population of stray cats in her village explode. “I realized the problem when I put kibble for my cat in my garden. A lot of wild cats came to eat it, ”begins the Hiéroise. Based on this … Read more

she immediately knows what she has to do!

Her neighbor tells her that she is going to entrust her cat to a shelter: she immediately knows what she must do! A perfectly spontaneous decision that no one has regretted for a single second. Sir Nick Fury is not a cat like the others. At least, not quite. He has always behaved a bit … Read more

Senile dementia in cats: unmistakable signs

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the pangs of old age. Cats, like all animals, can experience health issues as they age. Among them, there is the case of senile dementia in cats: a pathology that is not always easy to spot in our four-legged friends. What is senile dementia in cats? In general, … Read more