Google is creating a new AI to fight misinformation and promote original reporting

By reading the official Google blog, we learn that the firm has decided to fight misinformation by creating a special AI. The Internet is a gold mine for finding information, but for several years, with the appearance of fake news, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain information with dignity. Google then wants to solve … Read more

T-Mobile customers will be able to enjoy unlimited cloud storage

It’s been several months since Google ended its unlimited photo storage. Despite the feature being popular with Android users, Google discontinued the utility in June 2021. The good news is that T-Mobile is coming back with a new Google One subscription option for its customers. This obviously revives Google’s online unlimited photo storage service. But … Read more

Little Signals: Google’s crazy idea to revolutionize our connected objects

Google’s latest smart home device is an army of tiny things called Little Signals. These six particular objects constitute a family of conceptual products, each one having unique functions, but all having a common objective: to communicate with you differently and organically. Google has launched the Little Signals project which combines connected home and digital … Read more

Google is rolling out new privacy labels for apps on Play Store

As of late 2020, the app store contains what the company calls “privacy labels”. These list the information that the app collects and tracks. For example: the user’s email address or search history, and whether different companies may use the data on different services. Latest news, Google has launched a new security section in the … Read more

Google disappoints and Microsoft reassures

Differing performances. While Microsoft’s quarterly results beat analysts’ expectations, those of Alphabet (Google) disappointed. The Redmond firm saw its net profit climb 8.2% in the third quarter of its staggered fiscal year, to $16.73 billion. Earnings per share came in at $2.22, versus $2.19 expected by analyst consensus by FactSet. The group’s turnover for its … Read more

Alphabet (Google) sees its profit shrink to $16.4 billion in the first quarter, below expectations

This is 8% less than a year ago, when the online advertising giant had an exceptional quarter. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, published on Tuesday April 26 a net profit of 16.44 billion dollars for the first quarter, 8% less than a year ago, when the online advertising giant had achieved an exceptional quarter. … Read more

US information giant Google sets up shop in Nairobi

Published on : 04/23/2022 – 19:06 The American information giant Google has chosen Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, to set up its very first development center on the continent. Google is coming with an investment portfolio of more than KSh 115 billion (Kenyan shilling), or nearly $1 billion, over the next five years and plans to … Read more

How to order a VTC in Google Maps?

Wherever you want to go in France, you can order a transport vehicle with driver (VTC) from the Google Maps application to reach your destination. In order to help you take advantage of this service from the famous Mountain View firm, we have produced this tutorial. It is sufficiently illustrated. You will therefore have no … Read more