the Golden-Star and the Gauloise are close

The final phase of “Rebound” the championship set up by the Martinican basketball league began on Friday 13 May. The ladies of the Golden-Star BB and the men’s team of the Gauloise are close to the crown, after the first rounds of this final phase. Continuation of the competition this Saturday evening, new appointment for the four finalists.

L’Eclair de Rivière-Salée made it to the final against Golden-Star BB. Friday evening (May 13) for the first round, the foyalaise team made the difference from the first minutes to win this match 1 of the final, final score 70 to 58.

L’Eclair de Rivière-Salée ‘in white) made it to the final against Golden-Star BB.

©Patrick Guitteaud

The goldenists are on the verge of the title which would allow them to represent Martinique at the GuyMarGua tournaments scheduled in Guyana from May 19 to 21.

It is a poster of the great days of Martinican basketball which is proposed for this final. In short, the experience of the Gallic roosters against a Goldenist team under construction.


La Gauloise de Trinité (red) is playing for the title against Golden-Star BB

©Patrick Guitteaud

During the first round of the final, experience and physical potential allowed the proteges of William Fleury, the Trinidad coach, to make the difference and pocket a first success. 74 to 66 on the scoreboard at the end of the match and here are the red-and-whites of Trinité 40 minutes from a title which again would send the Gauloise to Guyana next week.

But before thinking about Guyana, we will have to win a second match. The meeting is tonight at the Péllière Donatien hall from 6 p.m. for the ladies, while the men will play their second match from 8 p.m.

If a support match is necessary, it will take place tomorrow (Sunday), from 5 p.m. on the floor of the Péllière Donatien hall.

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